Plus Size Women: You are Beautiful

You know it is hard to develop self-esteem when unrealistic beauty standards, diet culture and being chubby put pressure on you to hate your plump body. A lot of women are oriented towards body positivity – but they should also acknowledge fat positivity. It is because self-esteem, confidence, and boldness can be a serious struggle when you feel like other people or the world is pitted against you.

To be honest, self-love is a seriously delicate practice, which takes years to perfect. So, the most significant thing is to build your self-confidence in an authentic way. At the same time, we want to tell you that your plump body or plus size is worthy of love.

The media, fashion, beauty, and fitness industries have conditioned most women to fear their bodies, their imperfections, and flaws. As a result, many plus size women start to hate themselves. They use different supplements to lose weight, use creams for their skin, which contains chemicals and harmful ingredients that can be a serious threat to their health and self-esteem.



Similarly, a lot of women will ingest dieting polls, binge, purge, and starve – restrict food and do exercise obsessively. Consequently, they may suffer from eating disorders, disordered eating habits, appearance-related anxiety, low self-esteem, poor body image, body negativity, low self-confidence, and complications following surgical enhancements.

There are so many discouraged women when it comes to appearance. They don’t make any attempt at makeup and grooming. That’s why they become unattractive – well not because they are plump and fat – but because they lose confidence and/or make no significant attempts to be attractive.

First of all, you are a human being, so you deserve a lot of respect just like other people in the world. Don’t consider yourself abnormal or different from other women. Even if people make fun of your fat body – just ignore them because they are showing you their true colors. Also, if you find yourself low in public because you are being bullied by others – then still you don’t have to say anything to them – just give them a great smile – and if they have any shame, then they won’t tease you.

Remember bullies have ugly souls, we don’t even consider them human beings because they don’t act according to the human standards. For us, if you are thin or plump, black or white, European or African or Asian – you are beautiful and that’s because God has made you beautiful. There is no superiority of black over white and white over black. At the same time, for us, skinny and plump women are alike.

Here at Gorgeous 271, we want to tell you the truth. Read on!

We can relate first hand to the shame, negativity, intense desire, as well as the obsession that most women feel to change how they look. However, we want to tell you that it can be a lot different. You must feel body confidence immediately because guess what? Your body is not broken, and it does not need to be fixed. Similarly, the fitness, fashion, beauty industry as well as the media have a multi-billion-dollar investment in keeping your insecurities in fashion.

So, if you feel more confident and bold in the blue dress, then you should wear that dress. At the same time, if you want to wear a bikini, then put a bikini on the body. Truthfully, the problem is not your plump body. The problem is that how you actually think about your body.

Gorgeous 271 wants to inform you that your body is a great vehicle that will help you interact or connect with your inner power, strength, beauty, confidence, and vitality. Start your journey today by giving yourself permission to be bold and express your feeling. Be independent in your choices about clothing, jewelry, makeup, etc. Stay Blessed!


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